About Me

Welcome to my personal blog!

Hi, I’m Emmy A. and ever since I can remember I’ve always had a love for anything to do with weddings, fashion, and jewelry. I dedicate this blog to all the couples looking for inspiration.

I have spent years in the jewelry industry, where I’ve learned some of the most valuable details about precious stones and gems, including diamonds. I’ve owned my own jewelry business for a number of years, and now I’m a partner in a family-owned and operated jewelry business that’s been in operation since the 1920s.

I have always had a passion for learning, I have numerous passions and interests. Over the course of my career in business I’ve also enjoyed working part-time on the weekends in roles such as wedding photographer and wedding planner, using my love for creativity. I also studied real estate and went through culinary school.  Nowadays I have a quieter life as a consultant, yet always very busy.

I enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, and, perhaps most of all, diamonds. I’m committed to sharing must-have information on diamonds with others so they may find the perfect stone for their needs. Through my blog, The Diamond Shopaholic & All Else I Love, I will be sharing my love for diamonds and much more with audiences everywhere.